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sometimes it feels as if the whole world is raining down on me..... why cant anything ever turn out right?
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Pina Colada Slurpees....

so today was one of the most fun days ive had in a long time... this morning.. or i guess technically yesterday morning.. catherine, michael, david and i went to great falls.. ive never been before.. and i LOVED it.. eventhough it was sticky and humid.. it was so beautiful... david had to go home today though.. which really sucked.. i just love being around him.. i have so much fun.. and then we had a family dinner for memorial day... crabs and shrimp.. cant get much better than that.. and it was my whole family.. immediate.. lauri my sister included... and it was so wonderful to see her.. i really missed that girl more than i realized. my horoscope yesterday was kind of intersting...

"Shuffle the cards or roll the dice again to see what you get this time. You'd rather try something new than repeat what you've already perfected. The next track should be even better than the one that's playing now."

i wonder what its talking about.. could possibly be the latest emotional addition to my life.. i really hate not knowing.. and i hate more than anything in the world losing control over myself and the things that i let effect me.. but everything happens for a reason.. and it all works out the way its supposed to in the end.. so i just have to learn to suck it up.. not worry so much.. and take life as it comes to me.. and learn how to deal.. tonight is definately a sleeping pill night.. my body is so exhausted from this weekend.. (hfs and quality time with a special person) but i cant fall asleep... big surprise there... hfs was so fun.. i went with nicoll and tommy dingus.. i really need to clean my room and go through all of this crap i have that i never use.. im such a packrat.. i really need to get my butt running again.. somebody motivate me.. i guess im gonna go watch a movie or something until i fall asleep... dogma sounds good... goodnight
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so i FINALLY got my tattoo... i'll hae pictures up on my webpage soon.. and i got to go to my first rodeo... and.. my sister moved back to va.. best news of my life.. and rebecca cut my hair last night.. and its cute! and i got to see my big bootie ho bubble butt twin today who i missed sooooo much.. and meredyth is going to be a MOM!!! so today has been pretty good... short entry.. i'll write more later..
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Peeling sunburns on your face are the DEVIL!

So another smart move by dumbass me was not putting on enough sunblock before wmzq fest on saturday.. and now my face is burned.. peely.. and ugh! i HATE it! no matter how much aloe or how much moisturizer i put on.. in 10 minutes my face sucked it up and its back to being all gross.. grrrrrrrrrr... and i really dont like having nothing to do.. especially on a day so gorgeous... i got to talk to jenny yesterday.. shes my favorite.. :) and it made my day... that and i got to spend tons of time at my second home.. otherwise known as catherines apartment.. outdoor districts are tomorrow.. i still havent decided if i want to go yet.. i dont know how i really feel about the lake braddock track and field program anymore. maybe i'll just stop by.. tomorrow night is girls night! YAY!! and then friday me julie catherine and michael leave for north cakalacki.. and im getting my tattoo! YAY! and i get to go to my first rodeo.. and were all dressing up like cute cowgirls.. cowboy hats and all... and hopefully michaels brother david will kick everyones ass.. that would be so awesome.. its going to be great.. and i got a pina colada slurpee... AND i found out my latest dream car... (2 door blazer) is only going to be like $10,000!!!!!! and to make today even better.. will packard is coming over! i missed that kid so much.. and at 630 catherine is going to kidnap me from this boring house and i get to go play over there.. which can sometimes be veeeeeeeeery fun.. ;) im going to go try to be productive.. which will be hard because this great big ball of ADD fun is bouncing off the walls!
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i really need to start sleeping.. and i really have no motivation to clean my room.. i am getting my tattoo this weekend though.. when i go down to north carolina to see david ride in his rodeo finals.. im so excited. its going to be so fun.. and i got a job at home depot as a cashier making $11.85 an hour! WOO HOO! i dont care how boring it is.. thats good money for doing pretty much nothing... and i found out that i get paid for all of my millions of hours of training bs.. so thats good.. and i got to hang out with my bestest.. she always makes me feel better... i dont know what im going to do with her in nyc next year.. i think i might go insane.. thankfully i have my hetero-lifemate at school with me.. or else i would be a mess! i miss you so much jenny! so the latest song i am in love with is that 1000 miles song... its really weird how what she is saying makes me think exactly about the way i feel about someone in particular.. i wish i could see him more.. and my shoulders are killing me! blah blah blah.. whine whine whine.. yeah i know.. i'll stop... i wish i had something creative and profound to write.. but im alittle uninspired at the moment.. which kinda sucks.. it is really good to be home.. aside from the minor drama that i think is finally blowing over.. im having a great time.. i think this decision i made to not drink in large social situations is a very very smart move.. one of the better decisions i have made in the past 6 months.. if i do.. it will be at my house.. or one of my girls houses.. and its going to be only girls with me.. thats it.. too much crap happens when you mix opposite sexes and alcohol.. its the devil i tell you.. but yeah.. i think its time for me to go lay in my bed and hopefully fall asleep.. i have so much cleaning to do tomorrow.. blaaaaaaaaaaaah...
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This is it

my last night here as a freshman at odu. i already typed out this great big long entry.. but dumbass computer illiterate me somehow managed to lose it.. i was thinking tonight on how much i missed the last half of this semester because i was so wrapped up with stupid bs drama.. all of the people i have lived with have made such a huge impact on my life.. and kept me alive too.. and they dont even realize it. and im sad because were not going to have any more of thoes late night fun nights... and were never going to be in a 100ft radius of one another unless its at a party or something... but it will never be the same.. and i am really going to miss everyone and what we have now. i wish they knew how much of an impact they had on my life.. and how they helped me grow.. i am not however, going to miss the tiny gross shower.. and my overhead light that has a mind of its own.. im even going to miss the window i look out of hours a day.. i just cant believe that its time for this to be over already.. i am 1/4 of the way through my college career... and it seems like i got here yesterday! wow. i just wish they knew how much of an impact they had on my life.. everyone.. the people who stuck by me, the ones who made me laugh, the ones who stabbed me in the back, the ones that used me, the ones that understood.. the ones that moved on, the ones that lied to me, the ones i share wonderful memories with, the ones that i would walk through fire for, the ones i laughed in class with, the ones who liked to just come over and hang out, new people i met, the ones i went out with, got drunk with, cried with, smiled with, ate with, ran with, were lazy with, played in the mud with, jumped in the river with, made jokes with, the ones i stayed up all night with, the ones that fell asleep in my bed.. the ones that came down to visit me.. the ones i went to the beach with, went shopping with, got in shaving cream.. water balloons.. relish. flour..ketchup.. and jelly fights with.. the ones i argued with, yelled at, got yelled at by, played with, lost touch with, regained touch with... and the one who i wish was still close to me, but he doesnt want to be.. ive done all i can with him. thanks for the memories.. and im crossing my fingers that it doesnt stop here.. and that this is only the beginning.. and i hope this summer will be the most fun of any so far... there are so many memories just waiting to be made... thank you to all of my REAL friends who have been there the whole time.. i just hope things start to go up again.. and i hope that everything gets stronger.. and hopefully we all find our places in this world..
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I'm Procrastinating...

i really need to finish up my packing.. supposedly i dont have as much to do as i think.. but that still doesnt make me want to do it.. i just cant wait to get everything taken care of... i have an interview at home depot on friday.. to work in the garden center.. i think it would be fun... im still kinda ehhh about the whole laura fucking dan thing.. i just feel so backstabbed.. i dont really care about the fact that it was him.. or whatever.. it just makes me think who my real friends really are... i mean.. is someone else im close to capable of that? god i hope not. maybe this new guy who is supposedly interested in me will be a good thing.. probably not..but you never know.. oh yeah.. my roommates the devil.. just GET ME OUT!

Which Angel would you be?
Angel Falls
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Two days of hell left.

so i cant wait to get out of here.. way too much drama has been going on.. i just want to be home.. hopefully.. if i get everything packed up, i can get out of here tomorrow. that would be so awesome. i just cant take it anymore.. theres so much bad karma everywhere.. and its driving me up the wall! not to mention when i actually do go home.. i dont want to be at my house because my mother is not dealing well with the fact that i am not dependant on her anymore. and this whole depression bs is starting to get really old... grrrrrrrr.. thanks krissy for making me do this... too bad im going to end up neglecting one journal.. either this one or my real one b/c i just dont have the motivation to keep both up.. if anyone has any ideas on how to motivate me.. please let me know.. i would greatly appreciate it.. i have to go and try to pack crap up.. so i can get out of here..
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